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What to expect from a massage session

Feel free and try to relax – you deserve the full attention and you should allow it to yourself. Make sure that you are feeling comfortable – if not, do not be afraid to say so – for example that you are cold or the position is uncomfortable etc.

This session is for you and feeling comfortable will help you to enjoy it to the fullest.

During the session try to breathe freely and deeply. Breathing is the best tool for relaxation. Releasing tensions by breathing out / gasping is a natural response to pressure on a tender area. Another great tool for releasing tensions is breathing out loud (so called audible breathing).

And leave all troublesome thoughts and concerns at the door. Do not worry, they will still be there afterwards and you can choose to take them with you – but of course, only if you still want them..

Even though you will feel relief almost immediately, benefiting from a massage is a gradual process. It may take some time before you reach the point where your pain is truly defeated. This is especially true for chronic pain. Chronic pain does not develop overnight and so it would be unrealistic to expect it to disappear in an instant.

Make sure to drink lots of water after the session to flush out any waste products that were released in your body during the session.