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Effects and benefits of massage

A person’s health is most affected by his professional life and relationships with loved ones. The main causes for pain and stress are emotional traumas, negative beliefs, etc, which cause chronic muscle spasms. Tensions are often located in the lower back and buttocks or the neck and shoulders area. The human brain transmits electrical impulses to the muscles, maintaining tensions in certain muscle groups. Even though the negative past event will be forgotten and no longer thought about it will remain in “body memory”.

People know well how to suffer but do not know how to relax. When a child gets hurt, she cries. When an adult is in pain, he believes it’s not suitable for him to cry, but tries to smile, even though the interior is crying. The result is that emotions are not realized and the body has a tendency to store them in muscles. This heavy burden will be carried around every day. If massage is performed on the muscle and fascia level, then these so called files stored in muscles are deleted, and it works much like an anti-virus program on a computer.

In order to get to know and talk to one’s soul and your body, one needs to be in a physically relaxed state of clear mindedness. When the body raises the alarm and gives a signals that something is wrong through pain, most of us will be looking for tablets. A tablet gives temporary relief and suppresses the symptom (pain) but does not solve the root of the problem.

Massage therapy relieves tensions in the body, calms the senses and pampers the soul, exerting simultaneous healing effects on many different levels.

More and more often we feel the need and necessity for human touch while at the same time it is almost absent in modern medicine. Massage is a touch therapy that not only is a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable experience, but also brings enormous benefits to health. Massage consists of a series of relaxing and stimulating techniques, which create a harmonious and relaxing state of satisfaction.

Massaging broader areas of the body results in a greater relief in bodily systems and can be applied to specific problems and in case of stress, as well as to raise and revitalize energy levels.

A balanced and a happy person is always healthy.

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